Skye Is the Life and Sole of the Party When Waitressing in the Central Coast


Skye has the smile that could melt even the iciest of hearts, look no further than this fantastic model. She is easily one of our most glamorous waitresses, and she certainly doesn’t look like any girl next door. Even though her smile and her personality could break through to even the coldest of people, she is a full on stunner all the way.

As a professional waitress and hostess, she has some skills that could lend a huge hand to any party as well. She is always prompt to arrive, and she is excellent at making sure that every guest has a drink and whatever they need throughout any event. She remains exceptionally efficient, and this combination of beauty and skills helps to make sure that she can be a massive asset to any event or gathering throughout Sydney and Central Coast.

Skye has plenty of experience working with private parties and being the real centre of attention as well. It seems as though this brunette can carry on a conversation with anyone and breathe life into any private event throughout Australia.

As a complete double threat to beauty and an incredible personality, she brings glamour to events through her use of makeup and style. Skye doesn’t mind dressing up or even offering the choice of custom outfits for party hosts if they are booked far enough in advance. As a flexible and extremely attentive working model, she can be a huge help in making any event run very smoothly.

She never has to worry about booking new clients with the help that she brings and the great testimonials that many people have given regarding the quality of the service that she delivers to the table time and time again at events.

If you want to be sure you can get the services of this beautiful brunette, contact us today for her availability.

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Height: 165cm
Bust: 1oDD
Waist: 65cm
Hips: 97cm
Dress: 10
Body Type: Curvaceous
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Bikini Waitressing

Bikini Waitressing is perfect for guys just wanting a low key event on a boat or in a venue. There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful looking girl in a super slinky bikini to serve you drinks.

Lingerie Waitressing

 Lingerie Waitressing is the next level of fun you  can have at your private party or luxury boat cruise. Girls in sexy stunning lingerie is a marvelous way for them to entertain you at your bucks or birthday party.


Sexy, Courageous,
Diplomatic, Exuberant.


Anything by Prada,
Heavy Rock Music,
TV and Movies, Magazines.

Ideal For

Any kind of Party at any time, day or night
Sydney Party Cruises
Birthday Parties

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