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Hire Topless Waitress, Lingerie Waitress, Nude Waitress, Bikini Waitress All At Cassie’s

If you’re looking for a way to make your next big event unforgettable for all the right reasons, then look no further. Cassie’s works with the ultimate bikini waitress in Sydney, offering our waitressing services that will leave your guests with memories to last a lifetime. So this is ideal for guys wanting a low key affair and no embarrassing situations if you know what I mean.

Because no matter what sort of event you’re catering for, we’ve got the sexiest bikini, cocktail, lingerie, & topless waitress who can’t wait to serve you. If you’re after a night of class and elegance, our cocktail waitresses are perfect hostesses. Or, if you’re looking to organise a racy and wild buck’s party, our sexy girls might be your ideal match. Perhaps you’re looking for something in between? So our lingerie hostesses are the perfect blend of sexiness and tastefulness. There are loads of bikini options on our agency and would be the standard on a cruise on the harbour in summer.

Bikini Waitressing

$100 per-hour/per girl

Also at Cassie’s, it is our mission to know and understand your deepest desires. We can match our waitresses to your every need. So you’ll always get the right girl for the job. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the quality of our girls in Sydney. Cassie’s’ girls must meet strict criteria to join Sydney’s most elite agency. From bombshell blondes and buxom brunettes to sultry redheads, Cassie works with only the best bikini ladies in Sydney.

Bikini Waitress Is an Easy Option for a Low Key Party

So our topless, bikini, lingerie, cocktail and nude waitressing service Sydney and greater New South Wales. Cassie also works with the sexiest girls in Melbourne and Brisbane. So no matter where you live, we’ve got the perfect girl to serve you and your guests.

Below are the waitressing services we offer. So if you’re unsure of what kind of entertainment your event needs then Cassie herself is more than happy to walk you through your options. It is her guarantee that the waitresses you book will spice up your event in all the right ways.

Lingerie Waitressing

$110 per-hour/per girl

Also start your night in style with the company of our gorgeous, classy and flirtatious lingerie waitress. If your event requires something a little tamer but still utterly sexy, we have the perfect lingerie experience just waiting to serve you. Cassie’s works with the hottest lingerie waitress in Sydney, so you know you’re in for an unforgettable night. The option of a lingerie girl is the exact balance you need. So not too raunchy but sexy enough to keep everyone entertained. We have such a vast range of lingerie waitresses on the agency. Also, they all know how to present themselves. So they look like they have just stepped off the catwalk.

A Lingerie Waitress Is the Most Popular Choice by All Our Clients

Lingerie waitressing is perfect for birthday parties, buck’s parties, poker nights, Christmas parties and for any other event that needs some sugar and spice. So Cassie’s lingerie girls are glamorous, sexy, fresh and professional. You’ll get the exact service you want, every single time.

Topless Waitressing

$130 per-hour/per girl

So if you’re after an exciting and wild night out, our topless waitress is just dying to meet you. Offering some of the sexiest, bustiest and most beautiful topless waitresses in Sydney. Cassie will find the perfect girl for your event.

A Topless Waitress Is High Octane Fun

All of our waitresses are extremely popular and busy every weekend.  When it comes to buck’s parties, offering the best show, the groom and his mates could ask for is a must. However, we also cater to all types of functions. No matter what event you’re hosting, our beautiful waitresses are guaranteed to liven it up with their bubbly personalities, gorgeous face and sexy bodies.
Cassie’ Topless waitress will blow the boys away with their mesmerising presence and stunning beauty.

Nude Waitressing:

$230 per-hour/per girl

So be the hero of the night when you book one of Cassie’s’ drop dead gorgeous nude waitress for your event. Impress your friends (and maybe your family – we don’t judge) with the hottest girls in Sydney. So let a sexy girls play out your every fantasy and spice up the night.

Because at Cassie’s a nude waitress are always happy to get into their birthday suit. Our waitresses bodies are out of this world. Taught, tight and toned, let a nude waitress bang her body and tease you and your guests at your next big event.

Cassie’s nude girls are impeccably groomed, clean and have incredibly vibrant personalities. What more could you want?

Sexy Lap Dances

Also for those who know how to have fun, Cassie’s girls also offer some of the hottest lap dances you’ll ever receive. So no matter what event you’re holding, each of our sexy waitresses is ready to please you with a lively and heart-stopping lap dance.

Because whether you want a quick 5-minute show or are keen to get down and dirty for 15 minutes. Cassie’s nude, lingerie bikini, and a topless waitress is just waiting to give you a lap dances you will never forget.

15-minute lap dance: $150 

10-minute lap dance: $100

5-minute lap dance: $70

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