karaoke party sydney

Need Assitance to Arrange Karaoke Party Hire with Stunning Asian Waitresses

karaoke party
karaoke party sydney

So if you are planning to have a karaoke party, then we can make your party the best experience that you and your friends have ever had. We have all the contacts and the best selection of stunning looking waitress to make sure that your party will be a night to remember.

Whether you are looking just to book a venue only or you want the full package and book a party with girls, Cassie’s can make it happen for you. We have contacts in all the best venues in the CBD and the most incredible selection of stunning waitresses waiting to make your party that little bit extra special.

You don’t need to lift a finger to book the best party. We take all the hassle away from you. One call and we can book one of the very best party venues for you along with some beautiful Asian waitress to take care of you and your group’s every need.

Have your party the way that you want it. We guarantee that Cassie’s karaoke party will be like no other party you have ever been to before. We take entertainment to the next level, and we promise you that you and your friends will have the time of your life.

Why Book Your Karaoke Sydney CBD Party with Cassie’s?

Cassie’s is the Australia’s premier agency for topless waitresses, female strippers and bucks parties and we can turn your Karaoke party into the party of a lifetime.

At Cassie’s, we have a mission to provide our clients with the best customer service, stunning girls, and a karaoke experience that will be second to none. Booking the best venue in Sydney is just the beginning of the elite service that we offer. We also like to get to know our clients and learn about what they like, so that we can then match you to your perfect waitresses for your party night.

Honesty, integrity and professionalism are the watchwords at Cassie’s. Unlike most of our competitors, when you book specific waitresses for your Karaoke CBD party with Cassie’s, those are the very same girls that will be sharing the fun with you on your night out.

Cassie’s is the most elite female adult agency in Australia and karaoke parties with beautiful waitresses in Sydney is just one of the many adult entertainment options that we offer. We are proud of our reputation for providing only the sexiest and most gorgeous looking girls for karaoke parties in the vast city of Sydney, and we won’t let you down.

So Who are Cassies Karaoke Party Girls?

All the girls at Cassie’s have to meet some stringent criteria before they can join Australia’s most elite female adult agency. The girl’s at Cassie’s are stunningly beautiful and sexy, of course, but our karaoke girls are also intelligent, perfectly well groomed, approachable and bursting with fun and charm.

So our figurehead Cassie started Cassie’s and had more than ten years of experience in the adult-entertainment industry. As a result of all that personal experience, Cassie knows just what men like, and she knows all the best waitresses in Sydney who know just how to provide a memorable night out.

Through feedback from our clients and our checks, we make sure that only the friendliest and sexiest girls are available from Cassie’s, and believe us; Cassie wouldn’t have it any other way!

What to expect at a Cassies Karaoke Sydney CBD Event

For a bucks party, birthday parties, office parties, or just for a fun night out, a karaoke party is the perfect excuse to let your hair down and relax, but remember, there are karaoke parties, and then there are Cassies’ karaoke parties!

Karaoke parties are one of the most popular nights out for groups in Sydney, and if you have never been to a karaoke party, then you have been missing out. The only rule at a party is to give it a go and have fun. So don’t worry if you have never sung in public before, or even if you can’t sing at all, because, with the best waitresses in Sydney from Cassie’s there to take care of you, you will soon forget your nerves.

So, get up there, lose yourself at the moment, and belt out your best number with pride. Then, it’s back to your table to be served by your beautiful and sexy waitress for the night. No queuing at bars and no fighting your way through the crowds, when you book your CBD party with Cassie’s, all you have to worry about is having fun.

Hire Stunning Asian Waitresses Today

Cassie’s takes all the hassle out of planning a party in Sydney, and we have the most amazing Asian girls on standby for you and your group.

If you have never hired an Asian waitress for a night, then you haven’t lived. Cassie’s’ Asian waitress will turn an ordinary Sydney karaoke night into an X, or even XXX rated karaoke Sydney CBD; you just tell us how you want it. If you want to, you can even change your waitresses through the course of the night to keep the party alive and moving along. We will take care of your every need at your party.

Also all our girls super sexy, friendly and charming, and they are in high demand too, so if you are planning a party in the CBD anytime soon, be sure to book your sexy Asian waitresses from Cassie’s early to avoid disappointment.

So How to Book Your Karaoke Party with Waitresses & a Stripper

Are you ready to book your karaoke party with super sexy waitresses? If you want to book the best night of your life, simply go to the “Get in Touch” menu option. Also, this is at the top of this page and tells you what you need to make your party special for you, and we’ll do the rest, or send us a message using the contact form. If karaoke is not your thing, check out how Cassie’s waitresses and strip shows can help you make any night an extra special night.


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