Sydney Harbour Party Cruise How Things Have Changed

How To Arrange Sydney Harbour Party Cruise

A Sydney Harbour Party Cruise become very popular and has gone through lots of changes of the past 5 to 10 years. It used to be just something tourists did when coming from Asia or Europe. It was a family affair with all the trimming, and that’s it.

How things have changed in the short period. Boats used on a Sydney Harbour Party Cruise range from a small party style boat to 3 millions dollar state of the art luxury vessels.

Because ten years ago if you asked a boat owner if you could have a party on their vessel with food, alcohol and girls, you would be laughed out of the city. Today things are a lot different.

The Changing Face of a Sydney Harbour Party Cruise

Quite a few boat owners have had pushed down this route because of new lifestyle trends by customers. Ultimately the customer is king and if you don’t change your business will suffer.

sydney harbour party cruise

This is the style and quality of the luxury vessels you can hire for a Sydney Harbour Party Cruise. This wasn’t possible years ago. How times have changed on the water and will continue to do so.

Some of the luxury boats have to be seen to be believed. Yes you will pay more but you will get more as well. They can provide everything you could want to make the cruise a very special one indeed.

New Luxury Boats Arrive Every Year On The Harbour

Sydney wants to be seen as one of the most up to date cities on the planet. Its getting there kicking and screaming. It has the potential to be a Mecca for enjoyment and fun. So having the ability to organise a Sydney Harbour Party Cruise nowadays is a great step forward for the industry and City. In another decade I am sure that it will be transformed again with new trends and options.

Lap Dance is a great option for a Bucks Party in Sydney

A Lap Dance we have all heard the term but what does it mean nowadays. It used to be a just an option at a strip club. It’s a something out of the Sopranos Bada Bing joint you used to watch on TV. Because things have moved on a great deal nowadays. A lap dance package for a fired up party is the way to go.

A sexy lap dance for the man of the moment

Also, many girls can now multitask and feel very comfortable doing a spot of waitressing. Then towards the end of the night, the can do a couple of lap dancers for the man of the hour or the organiser. There are a few girls that work in a strip club in the week and are very comfortable doing this. It’s a lot more familiar with birthday parties and bucks parties in Sydney.

Also, this can be a cost effective way to keep costs in check when arranging a party.  With costs from around $70 for a 5-minute lap dance, it won’t break the bank, but all can have fun.

Whatever you do I would advise to book all this well in advance and not leave it to chance. If you are on a boat/cruiser or private venue or hotel room make sure you find out what the policies are.

Also, find an agency to help you with this entertainment option

So you don’t spend time fanning around trying to do all this yourself. There are a few good female adult entertainment agencies that can provide you with what you need.  So all that you want to concentrate on is enjoying yourself. You don’t need to be worrying about who is going to turn up, are they going to turn up, etc. All in all its a great part of any party package and it’s yours very simply indeed.

Sydney Nightlife Adult Services Sydney has on offer

Sydney Nightlife is famous for lots of different reasons. It is always changing and developing on a regular basis. Also to complement this, are the Adult Services Sydney can offer its revellers.  With the impressive backdrop of the harbour and the opera house, you can see Sydney’s allure. It’s a very new country and city but has loads to offer anyone who is after entertainment.

Sydney Nightlife Where do you begin

There are loads of great accommodation options to suit everyone’s pockets.  From the Sheraton in the park five-star luxury to the Meriton Chain of hotels situated all around Sydney. Once you have this locked in you, have a great base to stay. I would recommend a long weekend maybe Friday to Sunday on a long weekend. Also, this gives you time to get used to Sydney and where things are.

What Adult Services Sydney Should I be looking for

Ultimately it depends on what you and group enjoy. If you want to get a few girls to be a waitress and hang out with you are your room there are lots of options. A simple google and you will find great options that won’t break the bank when there are a few guys in your party. You can choose lingerie or topless waitresses to spice things up a bit.

If you want a more x rated version of adult services Sydney, then a strip show is 100%  the way to go. Because this will be fantastic entertainment for everyone. It will be an experience that everyone will be remembering.

Also, there are some fantastic bars and clubs which make Sydney nightlife a buzzing place. From small trendy little restaurants to large multi-room establishments the choice is vast.  A bit of weekend planning and preparation will make the weekend go hassle free.

Whatever you choose to do the Sydney nightlife combined with a few choice Adult Services Sydney has will make your weekend a massive blowout.

Party Venues in and Around Sydney Area

Party Venues are what Sydney used to be known for but is that still the case? Well after all the lockout laws over the last 3- 5 years have had major implementations on what party venues are still up and running?

You have to look a little bit harder to find the perfect party venues

Because this can be a long and arduous process. Get help trying to find party venues that will take a bucks or birthday event. It depends whether they are in the inclusion zone or not. If they are, then they will close around the midnight time zone. If not then around 2 am would be an average. The security on the door is more about protecting the license of the venues. The old version of security was stopping violence etc. If they feel you have been drinking already in large groups the chance of admission is pretty small. Venues are running scared because they feel if they put one foot out of place then their whole business is going to come crashing down around them.

One gig won’t make your business, but it could ruin it

The best and probably the only answer is to get the experts in to make the impossible, possible. If you can use a party organiser with a renowned reputation than 99% of theses problems will go away. They should have a variety of party venues that they deal with, so you should have loads of choice for you and your group. If you aren’t sure, then ask to see the venue or meet the party organiser in person.

The party organiser usually gets a commission from the venue to bring the business to them so your price should be very competitive. Also, they should be able to provide your event with topless or lingerie girls. Because a bucks party would be a bucks party without a strip show from one of Sydney’s Superb Strippers. You will be able to choose everything under one roof so you can get a much better deal. Also, a lot less hassle which is the ultimate goal.

Party Planner Why Should You Employ One

Party Planner why should you consider finding and employing the services of one. Aren’t they expensive and most probably going to rip you off? I am sure we have all heard stories or had bad experiences in the department of a party planner. Let’s be honest in most industries there are good eggs and bad eggs that are just how it is.

Organising anything nowadays can be a massive drain on time and resources. We are all time poor and under pressure with our jobs and family. So why is a party planner any different.

What Planner Options In Sydney

The first thing I would look at is what is out there in the market place. Its their lots of competition or just a few companies providing this service. It’s much easier and quicker if there is anything below 10. Have a look at the style of the website does it look professional or has your two years old child done better. This gives you an overall feel for the company before you even get in contact with them. I would also say trust your instincts as they usually guide you very well.

Make Lists Of What’s Important To You

Before making contact with a party planner make a list of what you are looking for in your event. So is its price, location, packages, time frame. This way you can make the event what you want it to be before you are sold anything.

Ask Those Awkward Questions

Make sure you ask the questions that the party planner won’t like to answer.

  1. What happens if I cancel?
  2. Can I see the venue/boat/girls?
  3. How long have you been operating?
  4. What happens if things change?
  5. What’s your weather policy?

By now you should be getting a shorter list of potentials. Hopefully, your party planner options are down to about 2 or 3 possibilities. If that’s the case then yo are doing your job very well indeed.

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