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Cassies waitress Jazz Is Ideal For Your Karaoke Event In Sydney


Height: 170cm
Bust: 10B
Waist: 70cm
Hips: 90cm
Dress: 10
Body Type: Natural
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Nationality: Australian/Korean
Languages: English


Cassie’s Waitress Jazz is another Queen on our books. She is a very sexy jet black haired waitress and has a super slender body to match. She is the perfect add-on to any party in Sydney.

Also, she is one of the most professional Asians we have ever had in our agency. There is nothing left to chance, and her hair and makeup always look super polished.

Cassie’s Waitress Jazz Is The Classiest Asian Ever

Jazz has been in the industry for some time and knows what is expected from our clients. Also, she has all the experience so that nothing will phase her. She is an excellent waitress choice for any party being planned in and around the area. Because of all of the above professional waitressing attributes Jazz is a fantastic option for anyone looking for Asian in Sydney. We guarantee that she won’t disappoint you in any sharp or form. Give Cassie a call now to find out more about Jazz and other Asian in Sydney.

Bikini Waitressing

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